Civitas woud like to welcome Katey Black to the Cymbal Team. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been involved in marching band for most of her life. Her first season in WGI was in 2010 with Pariah Percussion Theater on cymbals. She then moved on to march the cymbal line at the University of Georgia for all four years while earning a Bachelor's of Journalism in Mass Media Art. She spent her 2011 summer with Spirit of Atlanta, spring of 2013 and 2014 with Atlanta Quest Indoor as cymbal section leader. Finally, Katey aged out in 2015 with Q2 as the cymbal section leader. She is extremely enthusiastic about joining the staff for the upcoming season. In her off time Katey works at a post-production company and enjoys writing, powerlifting, and analyzing the musical genius of Beyonce.

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